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There are many systems of blood typing, and the one we deal with here is called the ABO system.


The scientific explanation of blood types was long unproved. But the recent progress in DNA studies has made possible a genetic approach to blood typing, and the mechanism of blood type is gradually being uncovered.

Blood type seems to have a close linkage to constitution.

Today, the linkage between blood type and human constitution and disease is being studied in many countries, and a number of useful research results have been achieved. Today scientists finally consider blood type to be a subject worthy of serious study. (This is something we have long been waiting for.)

Why do different blood types exist in nature?

The reason is not clearly known, and it remains the subject of researchers' persistent efforts.

Is there any linkage between blood type and human disposition?

If blood type has a close linkage to physical constitution, it must also have a linkage to mental disposition. The assumption that the mind and the body influence each other is generally accepted.

The first formal theories and research efforts on the linkage between blood type and human disposition were made in Japan.

The connection between ABO blood type and human disposition had been observed all over the world, though not frequently. The first report on such observations in Japan was presented by Takeji Furukawa, a psychologist.

Later, Masahiko Nomi, a writer, published a book based on his thirty years of data observations. The book caused a great sensation.

This sensation was attributable not only to the writer's keen, professional observations of human beings, but also to the fact that the book vividly revealed how human character and behavior are linked to blood type.

Why is blood type of great interest in Japan?

The reason is that the four different blood types are evenly distributed among the Japanese population. However, 80-90% of the European and American population, for instance, has blood type O or A, while people with type B or AB are in the extreme minority, meaning that opportunities for a close look at their character are rare. Besides, many Europeans and Americans do not even know their own blood type, making it more difficult to observe correlations between character and blood type.

The situation is very different in Japan. More than 90% of Japanese know their own blood type, and are likely to have acquaintances bearing each of the four different blood types. Thus, Japanese have daily experience with characters that are clearly differentiated by blood type.

If you still think "What's so interesting about this?", then check your own blood type right away.

Haven't you ever wondered about this question: Even though we share the same parents and circumstances, how come my brother and I have such different characters?

The key to the answer is blood type.
Recently, though, there have been some problems in Japan.

Some people simplistically tend to stereotype personal character by blood type, without proper study. In addition, some even believe blood type can reveal their fortune or compatibility with another person. These people are indeed a problem.

Obviously, every individual has his or her own unique personality.

Then what is the significance of blood type characteristics?

You can boil, grill or marinate fish. There may be many different ways to prepare a fish dinner, but it will still be fish. Now you get the point, don't you?

That's right. The differences among blood types are just like those among food materials. One hundred people with type A blood may have one hundred different personalities, but it is type A blood, as a material, that basically characterizes their personalities.

If you wish to improve your personality, to be successful, to be a good parent, to know more about your girlfriend or boyfriend, etc., then you must learn more about the characteristics of your own material. You cannot be a good cook without knowing the characteristics of your food materials.

Everyone has a unique existence in this world. Your own personality is a blessed gift from God, and when you learn about your own blood type you will become aware of another gift.

We want the whole world to know about Blood Type Human science.

Blood Type Human science is a scientific study of the human mind. It is not a laboratory study. Instead, it comprises a combination of field work, observation and experience, and every human being can participate in the study.

The study of Blood Type Human science has just begun. It will develop as more people join and more ideas accumulate, eventually providing us with adequate observational ability and understanding of human beings.

Chieko Ichikawa​

Human Science ABO Center

What is ABO?

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