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About Blood Type Humanics
1. Blood type is the standard of human constitution


What is blood type? 

Even though we know blood type by name, but if somebody asked you that question, there are only few people can answer to it. 


Many of us think that, "Because the subject is about blood which is flowing in the whole body, blood type might have influence in the characteristic of person”, but actually we can not say that blood type is about blood matter.

2. Theory and Evidence between Blood Types and Human Character

If the material of a certain thing is different, then naturally the characteristic and the function of that thing are also different. In our daily necessities and garments, machines and also electronic products, even though the design, structure, form and color are the same but if the material is different, the feature, function and taste of those things will differ. We can not claim that the living things and human beings are exception. Therefore, theoretically it is a natural thing that the difference in our blood types connected with our characteristics. 

3. Blood type distribution using ABO system has clear difference depend on country, area and race.


By searching the frequency of appearance of gene A, B and O type, it is clear that there are differences on blood types distribution, depend on the race or area. In Japan, A type occupied the majority of the population, followed by O, B and AB. Moreover, we noticed that there are regional differences, for example, A type live in the western part, while B type live in the eastern part of Japan (Hokkaido is excluded because there are many O type live there).

4. Blood type as a material of a character dish



What is character?

When we hear this question for the first time, it is something that is difficult to answer. For modern people, no one would think that character comes from nowhere and mystically live within human being. 


We can think that character as a special feature of an individual, an instrument for performance in human body.

5. Character is not a fixed thing



Character changed because of time such as childhood period, youth period, manhood period, or because of age such as social newcomer age, middle age, and older age. Moreover, it also changed according to the place and situation. These changes could be called TPO. One of TPO's examples is the one which is called internal and external side. Let me introduce some differences depend on character’s TPO.


6. The basic tendency of characteristic actions of each blood type



Diagram 1 shows the basic temperament and the major tendency of thinking, feeling and action. Diagram 2 shows everyday living such as food, clothing, and shelter. Diagram 3 shows personal relation with other people. Diagram.4 shows social nature.


Even though we can say that basic character is something that directly link to temperament, but at the present situation, there are many temperament that could not be expressed in word, for example color and things like that.  

7. Affinity and [lead =”omori” ]relationship



[Compatibillity Chart]

Since human relationships can be maintained or improved through our efforts, interpersonal compatibility, in and of itself, is neither good nor bad. Compatibility between blood types helps to determine the ways and ideas to be utilized in such efforts.



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