4. Blood type as a material of a character dish

What is character?

When we hear this question for the first time, it is something that is difficult to answer. For modern people, no one would think that character comes from nowhere and mystically live within human being. 


We can think that character as a special feature of an individual, an instrument for performance in human body.


Human show various reactions when they encounter stimulus (stimulus that came from outside or something from inside such as hunger). First, there is emotion, then feeling/mood is born, after that, some ideas float to your mind as a reaction to it, expression is made, word is uttered, and action is taken. All taken together are called "the reaction of mind and action."


The way of the reaction is not random. Through all human being, there is a big common tendency, and at the same time, only in one group of people there is a remarkable tendency, moreover each person has its own special tendency. So if we point at those tendencies, those tendencies are called "character." And if we followed this order, we can call it character as a human being, character of a certain group, and individual character. The purpose of blood type humanics is to have a thorough investigation to find out remarkable common reaction of feeling and action of each blood type, for example the common tendencies of O type. 


There are two essential elements in human character. One is our inborn temperament, which is used as a material to form one's character. These temperaments can be classified by blood types. 


Actually, temperament and constitution is the same thing. Both of them are material that could be found from one body. Among these two, material which takes part in the movement function or health is called constitution, and the material which related to feeling or action is called temperament. We divide it only for convenience. About one’s dietary or sleeping habit, we can not say whether it is a temperament matter or constitution matter because it is an indistinct thing. Consequently, blood type, which is also constitution type, in the same time, is also temperament type. In other words, blood type is a general term for constitutional and temperament type of living things including human beings. 


The other essential element of character is the environmental influence and acquired influence which act as something that form the material of temperament. Let's describe little more detail about the relationship of it.


We can take illustration that character is dish and temperament is the material of dish. The material of character dish is divided into O type material, A type material, B type material and AB type material. It is exactly like dividing the cooking materials into meat, fish and vegetable.


We can not make a dish if we only stare at the materials. A dish can be made if the cook is there, he displaying his skill in cooking and do the cooking process. In character dish, acquired influence can be considered as cooking process. In other words, it is about various stimuli of environmental influence (stimuli which we get after we’re born), such as parental discipline, education, our surrounding or family, etc. Besides, there is also influence from school education, working environment or society. Moreover our study and effort to character formation also included. 


By the way, in case of cooking, even though we use the same beef, we can make countless dishes by different cooking methods. In a similar way, with the acquired influence, the same O type which has O type material can be divided into multifarious varieties of character 


However, dish using meat is a meat dish. It is impossible to make a vegetable salad with meat. A meat dish has its own natural flavor which is left everywhere in varying degrees and we can distinguish them with fish or vegetable dish. Similarly, character which is formed by O type temperament, no matter how much character can be divided into cheerful person, gloomy person, aggressive person, calm person, the special feature of O type temperament is distributed everywhere in the character of O type, and the character formed by O type temperament is different from the character of A type or B type. If you can not understand this relation, you would not be able to understand the action of character from each blood type either. 


Some people may think, “Human character can not be divided only into four types”, or “All of my family members are A type, but why everyone is different each other? “Please don’t have that kind of silly question, because there are many dishes. 


In addition, there is a controversy, either heredity (inherited temperament) or environment (something that is acquired) has greater influence to one’s character. In cooking, it is like comparing either a cook or a material is more important. If both of them unequal, either character or dish couldn’t be made. In case of blood types, environmental influence acts on a material called blood type gene, so that each one’s personality is created.


A good dish is dish which uses the best of material’s natural flavor. We should understand the characteristic of our temperament as material according to our blood type, try to make the best of it and make effort to shape our character. Up to now, we judged education, ourselves development, course decision, but we never consider about the material such as meat, fish, vegetables, and forced one way of cooking to all dishes.