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The research history of blood type and the action characteristic


People began to talk about the relationship between blood type and character after several decades of the discovery of bloody type. In Japan, the first advocate was Takeji Furukawa, a psychologist of Ochanomizu Women’s University, who published a book, “Blood type and temperament” in 1932. Professor Furukawa’s research was that he was appointed to see the aptitude of soldier in one part of the army, and it was introduced widely to the medical society. However, at that time, there was only small number of people, who knew exactly their blood type, so the experimental objects were limited only to dozens of students. What is worse, he received a strong opposition from Legal Medicine Society, a society which has as completely different field of study, so that Professor Furukawa had to abandon his research.  


Forty years later, a writer, whose name was Masahiko Nomi, published his first book, “Understanding affinity by blood type”, which was a report of observation and analysis for 30 years. At that time, he also proposed widely “Blood type humanics” as a new science of human’s psychology. 

After that, blood type was introduced enthusiastically to mass media and it took public attention, so that it caused a social phenomenon which was called blood type boom. The present information about blood type and action characteristic was based on Masahiko Nomi’s research report. However, on the other side, it was undeniable that fragmented information spread easily. 


There are also researchers from other country who had an interest in the relationship between blood type and action characteristic. A psychologist, Ms. Leon Brudel, has been known for expressing each blood type with music such as O type as melody, A type as harmony, B type as rhythm. There were also other reports, but there was no country like Japan, which has deep research content and where blood type widely and generally penetrated. 


We can think some reasons to consider why blood type research has not spread widely in other developed country.


First of all, O type and A type occupied 90% of population in developed countries of western civilization. The difference between blood types becomes clear only if those four types are compared respectively. In western society it is extremely hard to confirm the temperament tendency of B and AB type. The other reason is that there are many people in western society who do not know their own blood type. If we do not know our blood type, we will have no interest and concern to this research. In term of people’s recognition and the equal distribution of blood type, Japan is a suitable place for the research.  



‣The aim of Blood Type Humanics


The history of Blood Type Humanics research is more than 30 years, thus it is a very new field of study. Hereafter, we definitely need to collect more data, correct the present research content, and add revision to it. 


A field working is desirable for human science which changes dynamically together with the present condition of society. In Blood Type Humanics, mass of people participate, we can say that as a public science, it is widely used by people, so we developed it as practical information.


We tend to turn our eyes and emphasize to the difference of each blood type, but our original purpose of clarifying the difference is to have a clear picture of the common thing in the inside.  


In history, we put our interest in the difference in many classifications. Social status system, hometown, academic background, nationality, race and ethnic, these things gave artificial difference. In the artificial classification, the ideology and anti-ideology will surely appear, after that there is a possibility that human discrimination developed in the society. 


However, living things including human make a new progress by recognizing the difference. This is the truth. In short, the standard is important and the things we desire are the objective, scientific technique and natural science.


In natural science, blood type which is common to all human beings make an attempt to the qualitative classification of human being, with the clear difference, we can know how accept each other, knowing the good thing that born together with us, and discover the essential similarity of human being.   


Of course, blood type is not the only method of the qualitative classification of human being. I hope there will be other methods discovered in the future. However it seems that we could not discover any appropriate method up to now.


The approach of this essential similarity of human being produced true social solidarity and aimed to raise human love. Blood Type Humanics must exist only for that goal

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