5. Character is not a fixed thing

One’s character changed throughout life just like a dish changed through cooking process. 


Character changed because of time such as childhood period, youth period, manhood period, or because of age such as social newcomer age, middle age, and older age. Moreover, it also changed according to the place and situation. These changes could be called TPO. One of TPO's examples is the one which is called internal and external side. Let me introduce some differences depend on character’s TPO.

Emotional tendency of each blood type

In general, the character O type could be seen as a person who is emotionally stable. However, as the environment pressure increases beyond a certain limit, many of them become unstable emotionally.

Many of A type persons tend to worry a lot and as the pressure increases, they have a tendency to be unstable emotionally. However, once the pressure exceeds a certain limit, many of them suddenly become emotionally calm. 

B type persons are moody person, temperamental person who is in general, have a churn/swing emotion. However, regardless the pressure of their environment, the swing of their emotion is almost regular. Thus, in a sense, we can say that they are emotionally stable.

AB type has two sides, first side is very calm, cool side and the second one is unstable, caprice, unrestrained emotion side. They seem to switch both sides occasionally.

You understand that we can not determine which one of those four tendencies is emotionally stable or unstable.


The blood type distribution in each field which changed by time or by social environment

Human being is a social animal. If the social state changed, it will give influence to each one’s action and way of thinking. Conversely, conclusion of each one’s action and way of thinking also give influence to a social trend. Society and human beings always interacts each other. 



Character movement is something that is changed dynamically; however there is tendency of the way it changes that is peculiar for each blood type. This implies that character is something that can be changed depends on our effort.


Furthermore, in the formation process, character made multiple structures. Double personality, preferably we can say a simple person. For example romantic and reality of O type, self control and violent inside of A type, practical science and sentimental of B type, rational thinking and fairly tale hobby of AB type are an example.

*Dualism of character movement of each blood type 

[O Type]

  • Romantic and idealistic

  • Strong reality that calculate merit and demerit


  • Regard group as something important and longing for companion

  • Strong self-assertiveness and spirit of independence, tend to be full of vigor 


  • Hate to be held down

  • Sensitive, conscious and respect the power difference 


  • Get along openly and honestly

  • Cautious to stranger and confidentiality

  • Prefer logical thinking and good at it

  • Act by intuition and emotion

  • Self-defense instinct and strong desire

  • Rational and cultural ambition

  • Have competition spirit and attached to the winning or loosing 

  • Give up the winning or losing as if it was something simple



[A Type]

  • Self-control, moderate, common-sense daily life

  • Always have a desire to escape from current situation

  • Value cooperation and team player

  • Don’t believe people and wish to avoid them

  • Too much pride, don’t want to show weakness 

  • Keenly longing to have a kind companion

  • Regard consideration as something important

  • Coldness, that they mind their own business

  • Think well before decide, very careful

  • Decisive action

  • Kindness and calm at the outside

  • Selfish and stubborn at the inside

  • Control one’s feeling, temperate

  • Short temper like instantaneous hot water heater




[B type]

  • Double humaneness and emotionalism compare with other people

  • Pragmatism, don’t use emotion to decision/ judgment standard.

  • My pace, dislike to be restricted

  • Have a sense of alienation

  • Shy, look unfriendly

  • Actually open-minded, easily to trust people

  • Temperamental person, the mood’s up and down is really strong

  • Not overwhelmed by emotion, always have cool objectivity 

  • High curiosity, interest in various things

  • Concentrate if interested in one thing

  • Don’t care what lies ahead, careless

  • Love to make a plan

  • Quick decision to new thing

  • To keep the present situation, procrastinate about decision, indecision. 

[AB type]


  • Eager to have social participation

  • Protect the private life, tend to value hobby

  • Good to deal with human relation, kind

  • Keep a distance with others, individualist

  • Look too much realism, based on a full commitment to rationalism 

  • Unrealistic daydream/fantasy and fairy tale interest

  • Have harmony to join with other

  • Tend to dislike hypocrisy and polite face

  • Calm and compose

  • Moody and wayward, sometimes have an unstable emotion

  • Double respect for effort 

  • Lack of perseverance, easy to lose interest

  • Pacifism, avoid fight, has a weak side

  • Bold, don’t feel the fear of death



And then, we usually call it strong point and weak point, but actually it is not a separate thing. One expression of temperament is different depend on how we express it at that time. Even though we consider about the other party or the situation, the expression of action that came out from the same temperament also can give somebody an unpleasant feeling if we could not control it and it could be seen as a weak point. On the contrary, if we display it at a suitable scene, it could be accepted pleasantly and it could be seen as a strong point.


Please understand that character is something that absolutely cannot be said definitely with one or two words or description. For example, the word “very sensitive”. There is a person who is sensitive to human relations, sensitive to the surrounding, sensitive to his own inner feeling, sensitive toward food and fashion, all the contents are different. 


We need to understand the basic tendency of temperament by blood types and to know how it is expressed in the character movement. 


With traditional view of character, we have disregarded character’s change and its multiple structures; we labeled human’s character with specific character terms. As the result, we could not get the exact meaning of humanity, and prevented the development of character and human science.