1. Blood type is the standard of human constitution

What is blood type? 

Even though we know blood type by name, but if somebody asked you that question, there are only few people can answer to it. 


Many of us think that, "Because the subject is about blood which is flowing in the whole body, blood type might have influence in the characteristic of person”, but actually we can not say that blood type is about blood matter. 


In 1901, an Austrian scholar, Land Steiner, discovered blood type by the experiment of the condensation reaction of blood. Since it was first discovered out of blood, it was called blood type, but in reality, it is not only detected from blood, but also from all cells and body fluid in the whole body such as in the muscle, internal organs, the cranial nerve systems, bones, fingernails, and even in single hair. When the scholars realized it, they corrected the term into “whole body type" but the term of "blood types" had spread widely and had become a general terminology. 


The substance which is found in blood is something that differentiates one blood type with the others. We can call it the difference in arrangement of amino acid of gene and the difference in enzyme transition, but to be simple, it is the compound substance of saccharide and protein, which is also called the sugar chain. Please remember that these general term and blood type substances (O type material, A type material, and B type material) are distributed in the whole body.  

Structured model of the ABO gene

There is the abo material anywhere

The genetic form of ABO system follows Mendel's laws.

  • O type gene (O/O) is expressed with O type 

  • A type gene (O/A, A/A) is expressed with A type 

  • B type gene (O/B, B/B) is expressed with B type 

  • AB type gene (A/B) is expressed with AB type