6. The basic tendency of characteristic actions of each blood type

*Basic tendency of each blood type


Diagram 1 shows the basic temperament and the major tendency of thinking, feeling and action. Diagram 2 shows everyday living such as food, clothing, and shelter. Diagram 3 shows personal relation with other people. Diagram.4 shows social nature.


Even though we can say that basic character is something that directly link to temperament, but at the present situation, there are many temperament that could not be expressed in word, for example color and things like that.  


The colors of temperament came on the surface of man from each blood type and introduce various characteristics and their writing. From many actual examples and the pile of observation of your own, I hope you could grasp this little by little 


Hence, to specify the basic character is not an easy thing. However, we acquire large quantity of data to support the observation and survey up to this point, from many character expressions, we guide inductively and logically, and it is the core of temperament of Diagram 1. Although we can say that it is still in the hypothetical stage, but it is considerably convincing and supporting hypothesis. From the basic tendency, it will explain action characteristics, daily life, personal relationship, and social nature. The tendency of character action of Diagram 1-4 could not be applied to all men. The character dishes are divided into various dishes depend on the cooking process, that if we would like to describe it all, it will not enough in 1000 pages. 


Here, those diagrams described the common character actions only for 60-70 % of each blood type.


There is a risk of misunderstanding from the diagram showing the tendency of characteristic action. 


For example, if I wrote that O type is a very goal-oriented person, people would misunderstand that other blood types are not goal-oriented person. Of course there is no such a thing, the action of having a goal is common to everyone; people with any kind of blood type can be goal-oriented. The diagram merely shows that O type is outstanding in the particular category of survey result. Also, even if people pursuit the same goal, the way they hold the goal and the way the make progress to achieve the goal would be different.


To prevent this kind of misunderstandings, I want you to understand the difference in nuance of personal character depend on the blood type and grasp the personality of each blood type. It is a very helpful reference. 


Type is just a surface part of character. It also expressed the intention and something by direction, so it is difficult to make the difference whether it is character or something by direction. In general, if we make comparison, type is something that is easily changed than character. Type often can be unrelated or completely the opposite of character, therefore, we need to be careful not to draw a hasty conclusion of one’s character based on type only.