7. Affinity and [lead ="omori" ]relationship

*"omori" ≒ care 

Compatibillity Chart

Since human relationships can be maintained or improved through our efforts, interpersonal compatibility, in and of itself, is neither good nor bad. Compatibility between blood types helps to determine the ways and ideas to be utilized in such efforts.

[O - B]

O type will value B type’s talent and take delight in it. Straight flattery expression of O type will take B type’s feeling/ mood. 


However, toward B type’s “my pace” (do as one please), O type will be confused and can not keep up the pace, and there is a possibility to easily abandon B type. 

[B - AB]

They can easily have great conversation each other. B type feels that the rational thought of AB type as a sound-thinking, so that B type can be the most comfortable partner for AB type. 


But if B type’s “my pace” and AB type’s whim confronted each other, there will be big misunderstanding. If they stereotyped with the comfortable, they will be drifted farther and farther apart.

[A - O]

A type will be attracted by O type’s action, and with careful consideration, they will cover O type’s roughness. O type will be grateful for that; they will respect A type’s reasonable thought. 


On the other hand, if A type become disgusted with O type’s roughness and O type tired of A type’s careful consideration, confrontation will appear. 

[AB - A]

A type will have a good impression on AB type’s goodness and simplicity; AB type will keep the sense of security in mind because of A type’s reliability. 


Nevertheless, if AB type stopped matching with A type, A type can not go along with the unsentimental expression and action of AB type. 

[Relationship between the same blood types]

Quick to understand each other, feel secure, but if the same weak point come across, there will be conflict.


Point to keep in mind: 

It is important not to depend too much on mutual understanding 


[Relationship between opposite blood types]

Repel but in the same time also attract each other because each one has what is lack in other. There is one side in which matching in spirit/heart. 


Points to keep in mind:

It is important to try to understand each other even if it takes a long time. Your opposite partner, who has something you don’t have, is helpful for your growth. 

There is no such thing as good affinity or bad affinity.

First of all, affinity is human relationship matter, so human relationship is something that can be sustained and improved by our effort. We do not think much of someone who abandon the effort and hang around to seek good affinity. 


Affinity is characteristic of combination of mutual character in human relationship. For example, in the combination of O type and A type, there is a particular tendency, in which it can easily appear, which is absolutely different from a combination of B type and AB type. Understanding the characteristic, we develop part which is easy to combine and overcome the part which is hard to combine using means and effort, perhaps we need to avoid those parts as well. To say simply, even though doing exactly the same thing, A type could be pleased and B type could be angry.


To think of the affinity between each blood type is to think of the way of making effort in each combination of blood type.

Here, we consider “lead = omori relationship”, important in the field of affinity.


There are many kind of human relationship such as control and submission relationship, guardian and client relationship, cooperation relationship, kindred spirit and sympathy relationship, interest agreement relationship, but the most important among all is the “omori relationship”. 


When we call it “omori relationship”, it is about spiritual/mental thing, so that we can react to our partner’s feeling and emotion, listen to what they say, their thought and problem, we “fix” them, comfort and encourage them. Generally, omori relationship is easier when the spiritual/mental age is higher and among blood type as well, the easier direction will appear. 


The direction of arrows in the diagram show that it is easier for A type to have omori relationship with O type, O type with B type, B type with AB type, AB type with A type, on the opposite direction, either it is difficult to have omori relationship or when we couldn’t take care the omori relationship it will become a opposite result. 


The person who is in the “omori” side has an advantage to easily lead the person in the “omori” side indirectly to the direction of his own desire. On the other hand, in terms of action, the “omori” side is pulled and lead by the “omori” side. The term “Lead = omori relationship” is suitable for this case.

The person who can make the best use of this “omori” relationship can gain advantage in human relationship.