2. Theory and Evidence between Blood Types and Human Character

If the material of a certain thing is different, then naturally the characteristic and the function of that thing are also different. In our daily necessities and garments, machines and also electronic products, even though the design, structure, form and color are the same but if the material is different, the feature, function and taste of those things will differ. We can not claim that the living things and human beings are exception. Therefore, theoretically it is a natural thing that the difference in our blood types connected with our characteristics. 


Of course, the extent of the difference is the issue. In the performance of a thing, there is a big influence and also a small influence of the material so that we have to take piles of surveys to see how much blood types affect human characteristics. 


Therefore in the present time, we’ve been taking the following three methods. 


The first method is questionnaire survey, by questioning people one by one about the tendency of their action and thought. Up to now more than thousands of people participated in the survey and the number of questions reached 500 questions. After that, we look at the tendency of the answers for each blood type. 


In the second method, we examined blood type distribution rate (the percentage of each blood type) in the group of people who has specialty and special occupation. We compared the result with the average rate of blood type distribution of Japanese people to examine the gap between these rates. So far, we have examined more than ten thousand people, in more than 100 fields of occupation such as politics, business, culture, entertainment, sports and more.


The third method is standard observation of human activity. For each blood type, we observe what kind of tendency people show and then count the results. These observations were held in the field of sports and child education.


These data are examined with a statistical significant difference. This is the same calculation used to prove something in science. The result is that there is an existence of extensive relation between blood types with human activity and thinking. This existence is clear and even as evidence it proved perfectly.

*Some examples of basic data collection from the past were summarized in 








*There is no fixed data at the expression of human activity in the society. There were some data reflecting the social environment at the time of survey so blood type distribution also changed in connection with it.


*Blood type is an unknown field of research

Even though the theory and the evidence were defined clearly by statistics observation of blood types and human character, to understand the mechanism of the substance of blood type in participating in human performance is still in the research stage, so we can not say that it was cleared. However, this is not only limited to blood types. In life phenomenon of a living thing, there are many unknown things. Although the science progressed, we thought we know many things, but in reality, there are many numberless things we do not know. Especially the topic about mind, like the action of human character. 


In the first place, it seems that there are people, who strongly resist human mind in science, so with that way of thinking, those people find difficulties to accept this science. 


However, in recent years when the explication of gene is started, various research fields progressing, blood type substance also included. The day when life phenomenon becoming clear is coming and we can have a big expectation to that. 


Do you know that besides ABO system, there are many kinds of system to define blood types as well? Rh system has two blood types, which are positive type and negative type. MN system has 3 types, M type, N type, and MN type. In addition, there are more systems such as P system, Lewis system, Dafui system; etc had been found until to now. In blood transfusion, Rh system serves as an important distinction material together with ABO system. Moreover, P system is the same with ABO system, which is receiving the hereditary domination of enzyme transition. We think, these blood type systems also give influence either it is big or small to part of human’s character. However, since those systems have a complicated form, those systems cannot be a standard like ABO system. 


At the present time, if we said blood type, in general we point at ABO system. Therefore, in blood type humanics, we examine the connection of temperament and action using ABO system.