3. Blood type distribution using ABO system has clear difference depend on country, area and race.

By searching the frequency of appearance of gene A, B and O type, it is clear that there are differences on blood types distribution, depend on the race or area. In Japan, A type occupied the majority of the population, followed by O, B and AB. Moreover, we noticed that there are regional differences, for example, A type live in the western part, while B type live in the eastern part of Japan (Hokkaido is excluded because there are many O type live there). 


If we look at the world’s blood type distribution, in the United States and Western Europe, O type and A type occupied more than 90 percent of the population, while in the Middle Near East and Asia, B type occupied the most. Moreover, in the nomadic tribe of Mongolian and the Roman (Gypsy), many of them are B type. In Native American tribes, there is a report that there are tribes that the entire member is either O type or A type.


The world’s blood type distribution is O type, A type, B type and AB type by descending order.

Do you know that beside human, other living things also have blood type? It is reasonable if we think of it, every living thing has blood type, so that human, who is one kind of living things also has blood type. 


Blood type is not only detected in higher animal but also from reptiles, amphibians and plants. Moreover, blood type is also discovered in bacteria, for example, Tubercle bacillus is B type, Shiga dysentery bacillus is O type. 


ABO system appeared about the same time with the occurrence of life on earth. Based on that way of thinking, ABO system has a high possibility of bearing the basic temperament of a living thing.


Adaptation toward habitat and environment of blood types

If ABO system had survived for hundreds of millions of years without being lost with the existence of living things, it is no wonder that a species must carry out certain role to survive. From the world’s blood type distribution, if we imagine the origin of life or the result of the adaptation to the environment of the habitat area, we can have a glimpse of a part of real nature characteristic which was brought by blood type.   


O type >> O type, which is the basic form of blood type is widely distributed over the whole world. As a living thing, O type, which has the purest human nature, continue to flourish mankind to make us feel the strength of vitality.


A type >> The distribution of type A is conspicuous in Europe, especially in the forest and mountain zone. Even though the depth of prudence and carefulness of A type is visible in a bad place, but I think we can say that probably it was grown as a necessary ability 


B type >> We can understand that many B type were distributed over the meadow or desert zone. It is visible in wide place, so that for living, instead of detail attentiveness like A type people, we can say that the ability to gather information and mobility is more important. 


AB type >> In the whole world AB type is minority, because it occurred for the first time in area where A type and B type interchanged. Surely, A type and B type which has different temperament and culture, playing a role to harmonize it and they allowed us to feel that they bear the possibility.